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Restore My Core

I can see my body changing already. I am 17 weeks PP after a c section and I look better now than I did 18 months after baby 2. I feel as if my body is healing better, my posture is improving and I have better health in my pelvic floor than after my other babies.

You won’t regret doing Restore My Core and will be grateful for having spent the time on you. It’s a great way to start to get back into shape and fantastic course. I wish I’d done it after no.2.

You could charge more for the course – the amount of attention you give in class and level of information you share is worth at least another £20-30 on top of the current price.

Georgie SiddallBushey

The biggest benefit of the course is that it has reconnected me with my body. It has motivated me to make small changes that make a difference – like walking and drinking water. The WhatsApp group was a great motivator and the videos a great help away from the class. I am not sure I would have stuck to it without the videos.

I’d describe it as an excellent way of connecting with your body again after pregnancy, my muscles feel tighter and more in control and I feel that look better in my clothes. I’m feeling more confident and more like me.

Jo ForayHarrow

The course is brilliantly designed and progressed. It breaks you in easily and by the end with workout 2, it feels like you’re starting to challenge yourself again. Great, for a re-novice like me! The biggest benefits are the knowledge of how to exercise safely and look after and listen to my body.

I now have a better sense of commitment, a better idea how my body will be working when I do exercise and a sound plan of action to stick to. The videos to supplement the exercise sheet mean that you go wrong at your own peril! All the information is there.

The weekly messages keep you on track and, for me, the post course contact kept me on the straight and narrow. Vanessa responds as to the demands of the course members. She will contact but not pressurise, she understands mums are busy and the course content reflects that.

If you want to put yourself back together safely after having a baby, then Restore my Core is the best way I can think of to do it. The course is well designed, easy to follow and that gentle kick you might need to get yourself back in to exercise. Can I do it again?!

Ali HighamChorleywood

I’ve recently completed Vanessa’s 6 week “Restore my Core” postnatal course, and it’s been brilliant! There is so much we’re not aware of concerning our bodies and core strength and this course debunked a lot of myths and taught me so much!! It’s phenomenal value for money – the equipment we’re given, workout videos for home, recipe books, extra treats and daily support through WhatsApp is fantastic!! I feel in great shape following this course, and feel this should be a manadatory for all women after they’ve had a baby!

Wendy GriffithSt Albans

If you’re looking around YouTube trying to figure out whats best for you in terms of exercising after birth, this is the course for you. It gives you direction from an experienced professional at a time when anxiety can get the best of you. Vanessa understood completely the situation that we were in given she also has children and she tried to support us in any way, be it by answering our constant questions, helping us do the exercises correctly or following up on our progress. I highly recommend this course for worried mums, you’ll be in very safe hands 🙂

Shaheen DamaniWaford

I have recently been on one of Vanessa’s Restore My Core courses. I found the course really excellent for helping to reconnect with fitness and well being post baby. The workouts are great and come with high quality videos making it easy to carry them out at home. The course had a holistic approach which as well as fitness, looked at eating well and self care. All in all I throughly enjoyed this course and would really recommend to others!

Charlotte WardBushey

Restore My Core is a fantastic course that has improved my diastasis and core strength dramatically in a relatively short space of time. Vanessa is such a great support and has a wealth of knowledge and tips to help in all areas.

You get short and flexible core programmes & workouts that are easy to complete at home and around the children and that aren’t too time consuming, plus great tips and help with posture (my walking technique / awareness has greatly improved) and stretching / tension release – Major help here with the yoga balls!

Emma MarlerWatford

Just to say a huge thank you Vanessa!

I didn’t feel particularly great after birth – physically or emotionally. I knew I wanted and needed to work on both my body and mind, but the advice available was so contradictory as to what to do post birth that I simply didn’t know where to start and I was so scared of doing something to hinder my progress. That’s when I found your course after doing loads of research and joining your class was the best decision I could’ve made! Your hands on approach not only allowed me to learn and retain the information, your follow up emails made sure I kept doing it right. You also worked on my mental state too and showed me ways to relax, which after having a baby I really struggled to do. All of this and the best (and super easy!) cooking recipes too! I can’t tell you what finding a class that I could bring my baby to has done for me and I even made a lovely new mummy friend too!

Your course is a complete all round approach which would work for any new mummy wanting to not only look great, but feel great too!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Lili StemsonSt. Albans

Restore My Core is designed so you can realistically fit in the exercises around the demands of family life whilst guiding you through nutrition and lifestyle changes that can aide you. It is achievable and because I can see, and feel, that it makes a difference I am more motivated to continue.

I now feel confident in the exercise I do and that I am regaining my fitness levels in a sensible, healthy way. It was very easy to follow, the links to the videos are invaluable and I think you adapting the exercises to each individual’s needs make it particularly relevant.

It is the perfect introduction into getting your body back into shape, inside and out, after having a baby. I know the exercises I’m doing are effective and that they are not having a negative impact on my body.

It’s wonderful that I know if I did need guidance or information I can always ask you. The level of support you give is incredible and far exceeded my expectations! It’s what I would expect from a personal trainer rather than a class setting. The videos; adapting the exercises to individual needs; the progress checks and motivation; the extra information on lifestyle; always being available to answer questions and give advice, they have all been incredibly helpful and very much appreciated.

I can see myself using the workouts for years to come. It really does make a difference, I ache today! After my first I found it hard to fit in the exercise I did before in to my ‘new’ life. And even if I did get the chance to go for a run or a swim, it would leave me exhausted which was counter-productive! I can do your workouts around the kids, stop and start if I need to which is brilliant for me.

Sabrina Watford

Before I started Restore My Core I felt nervous about exercising. But the support was amazing, following up was pretty impressive and constantly answered queries without fail. It was unbelievable how responsive Vanessa was.

The biggest benefits have been learning new stretches, the great core exercises which were indirectly targeted without having to cause pain on your back or prematurely use your stomach muscles, nutritional advise, and meeting other mums that feel the same

Compared to when I started the course I feel confident in what I do and understand my body better.

The knowledge base available on Restore My Core is extensive and you are getting the best in terms of what is right for you and switching up the exercise to make it fit for purpose. I would recommend it!

Paaru ShethWatford

The course was simple to follow – and simple in terms of being able to attend as no need to worry about organizing child care. The biggest benefit is a boost in confidence, and my body shape has changed for the better; before I was totally lacking any muscle tone.

If you’re thinking of doing Restore My Core do it. It’s an easy to follow programme that you really will see the benefits from in just a couple of weeks

The support was great and the regular texts helped to keep you on track or to stop you being too hard on yourself if the week had been so hectic you’d not managed the full programme.

The workouts were right for me. Any longer and I’d never have managed them, but long enough to really notice a difference. Great to have the videos to refer back to as well

Sarah BrownWatford

Restore My Core is areally great course, it’s given me more confidence in what exercises to do, breathing techniques and motivation to continue. I feel great, I’m motivated to continue with the workouts as well as start some more cardio exercises. Vanessa was extremely supportive and helpful. Do it, so worth it!

Gemma LawrenceBushey

100% Vanessa is the most knowledgable instructor I have ever come across. And the most accessible, she never once made you feel inadequate for being out of shape! Before the course I felt disconnected from body and mind, Restore My Core has made me feel like me again, but better! I have never really engaged in regular exercise, mainly because it bores me. But Vanessa has turned a switch on in my head. I enjoy seeing the results just from simple exercises and lifestyle changes designed to fit around you and baby. I feel brighter, stronger, and more confident now.

Gracie DefriesSt Albans

It was really helpful being sent information and course material to read at own pace, and also having the clips on youtube to do at home. I had better results in 4 weeks than 3 months at the gym!

Tara KingBushey

It was really helpful having the Facebook group and Vanessa keeping us on track by posting little tips and interesting reading.

I feel that I now have the knowledge and tools to be able to effectively continue healing my diastasis. It’s now more about me finding the dedication and time continue the programme. I have learned to use my TVA muscles more effectively and to breathe correctly through excercises. The stretches and tips on using the foam roller have been great for aches and pains and I feel really good after doing the mobility excercises!

Laura RobsenBushey

Vanessa really knows her stuff! She has taken the time to find out a huge amount of information (I would say much more than your average personal trainer) regarding post baby bodies! I was very impressed by her breadth of knowledge. The exercises that she recommended were tailored to what I wanted to achieve and relevant to my how by body worked, Restore My Core has been a very different and positive exercise class for me. I liked the small class size, there is a real connection between everyone which helped to keep my motivation levels ups and also to stay focused on the end goal. Vanessa has great enthusiasm for what she does, and for trying to help others achieve, I would highly recommend this class!

Debra HuntingtonPinner

I have lost weight and am now doing exercise regularly. To anyone thinking of doing Restore My Core I would say definitely do it.  I am going to be recommending it at work! Amazing support!

Kelly Haynes (midwife)Chorleywood

Restore My Core is a must if you have a tummy split and want to achieve long term strength. It’s very educational – I want to preach to lots of mums now I’m armed with a small amount of knowledge!

Before starting I felt out of shape and not sure where to start, wanting to embark on safe exercise to get me back to pre children strength. Now I have better posture and general mood enhancement from regular exercise. I’m more determined than ever to get my body strong for my children.

Stacey DaviesSt Albans