There are many physical and emotional benefits to regular massage therapy. Massage feels good; it is relaxing and has a positive effect on the mind, nervous system, muscles and circulation.

During massage treatments the body systems are stimulated to eliminate waste more efficiently. Therefore please do not be alarmed if you experience some after effects following the treatment – this is normal and a positive sign that your body is responding and starting to balance itself.

After your massage you will usually feel relaxed and be enjoying the benefits of the treatment, however to gain maximum benefit it’s a good idea to follow a few simple guidelines for at least 24 hours and preferably 48 hours after you receive your massage:

Try to rest and relax for the remainder of the day and avoid any strenuous activity. Strenuous exercise is best avoided for 48 hours.

You may feel relaxed and sleepy after your treatment. After the tiredness has gone, you should feel refreshed and energetic. Take care if you are driving or working.

You may experience heightened emotions – perhaps even being tearful. This is due to the release of tension within the body.

Keep warm as massage and relaxation treatments can make you feel more sensitive to the cold.

Drink plenty of water and/or herbal teas to rehydrate your body, and reduce fatigue.

Minimise tea, coffee and fizzy drinks (stimulants) for at least 24 hours.

Try to avoid eating a heavy meal soon after the treatment. Eat light meals for the rest of the day to allow your body to concentrate on healing.

Avoid heat treatments such as hot baths, saunas etc. as in addition to the massage and its effects on your body systems it may make you feel ill.

Sometimes people experience some aching and tenderness within the muscles for 24 hours or so after a massage. If you do feel a little sore, this is due to the body’s nerves responding to the massage treatment. You can do some light gentle mobility, take a gentle walk or take a warm bath with salts.

If you’ve had scar massage there can be changes to how you move once the scar, and tightness there, is released. As with any physical therapy strong reactions are possible, but symptoms should settle within a few days.

If you are at all worried about any effects you may experience following a massage, please contact me on 0783424997 and I will be happy to discuss your concerns. It is recommended to leave a week between alternate health therapy treatments, in order to allow the body to fully relax and repair.