I have fussy little eaters as children. It could be worse: they’re not always bad. The youngest started out as an eat-anything-and-everything kind of baby. And the oldest is getting better. But they will both regularly greet the food I prepare with a “yuk” (yes, they are well raised and polite little cherubs, aren’t they?)

They also like to work as a tag team: if one does deign to eat my lovingly prepared food, even enjoy it, you can guarantee the other won’t.

Except for these Fishcakes. Ah, Annabel Karmel, for this alone I love you.

As a personal trainer I should probably talk about the benefits of oily fish for a bit, yada yada. But I’m not going to. The fact that these are healthy is great, but I would make them anyway BECAUSE MY CHILDREN LOVE THEM!

Here’s the recipe. I have tried other fishcake recipes, but none come close.

Look, they even come out looking like hers!


I’m so proud, I didn’t even have to use Instagram to make this look attractive.

Here are a couple of tips:

  • The recipe requires you make the mixture and leave it in the fridge for 4 hours. It can be left longer, so I tend to make it before going out in the morning, as I’m often too busy at lunchtime. You could just as easily do the prep the night before.
  • Presentation is key. Here I have deviated from Annabel’s recipe and used sweet potato and parsnip chips for the smile, fins and coral. I have also used sugar snaps. I put everything in individual bowls on the table and they can decorate as they like.

As a bonus they keep well (although they lose their crunch) and are great for picnics. My youngest even ate one for breakfast once.

If only I could make burgers shaped like cows, then I might be able to replicate my culinary success with another dish. As it is I anticipate another ‘yuk’ this evening.

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